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We have a strong product design and mold design team, can quickly develop and design high-quality molds, and we have our own tooling house and silicone fabricating machine, can produce products with high quality and quantity in the shortest time. We can make the product from a concept, and can provide services from product design, mold design,product fabricating,to product assembly, packing etc.

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Dongguan Chengda Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan China, with an area of 5000 m², a service-oriented enterprise specializing in R&D products rubber and silicone products. Mainly engaged in various types products involving electrical parts, electronic parts, mobile phone parts, automobile parts, medical supplies, kitchen appliances and children’s products, and other industries.

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NFC SIM card market share in 2021 and forecast for 2028 | Thales, MDT Innovations, Shenzhen Zhongyuanda Intelligence, Shenzhen Beiyuan Technology, Shenzhen SMIC, Jinjiang Jiaxing Group, Shanghai Hu...

New Jersey, USA-The NFC SIM Card Market Report aims to provide readers of the report with a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of marketing opportunities that exist in the regional center. Thorough evaluation and evaluation of these fac...

Application scope of silicone products in daily life :

Silicone products are processed with silica gel as the main raw material.   Silicone material can be divided into ordinary grade, food grade, medical grade and special silicone. Food grade silicone is nontoxic, tasteless, insoluble in water a...

  • Excellent rubber and silicone product research and development of service enterprises